This is Vigor, the best selling flavor in the VISO line-up.

Vigor gets its great taste from Organic lemon, lime and strawberry juices. We use a little bit of Organic evaporated cane sugar for sweetness. All the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes contained within Vigor are vegan sourced and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function at peak levels. Vigor is a bad to the bone thirst quencher meant for customers who care about their bodies, and the ingredients making up their favorite Energy Drink!

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Dynamo’s lip smacking combo of Organic Grape and Grapefruit juices will make you smile.

Infused with top of the line vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, it will make your body smile! But it’s the 300mg of cranium heating natural caffeine that will make your mind, body and spirit soar. Dynamo’s perfectly balanced combination of delicious flavors, top quality vitamins and ENERGY will make you kill in every endeavor!

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Will is the baddest “Diet” energy drink on the planet.

It’s smooth cranberry and grapefruit flavors will give you tasty pleasure, while the zero-cal/zero carb Stevia extract will help keep you looking hot. And with 300mg of natural caffeine, you’ll soon find yourself experiencing Energy like never before!

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razor_title copy

Walking down grimy streets at night in some apocalyptic future, you keep thinking of a feeling you once had, a feeling of warmth, and energy that now seems like a forbidden thought at best.

A faded billboard for a drink called VISO Razor peers through from behind tattered barbed wire. Remember? That was the one you craved all the time, with the taste of bursting raspberries and oranges! The billboard says VISO Razor has 300mg of natural caffeine, plus all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to keep you going strong in this “Crazy World.”  Ha! What did they know about crazy?

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star_title copy

This is the VISO Star! Natural Orange and Passion Fruit Essences, along with pure Stevia extract give this beverage its celestial flavor, and hey zero calories.

With 300mg of all natural caffiene, Star packs a solar flare of energy that will launch you into the stratosphere. Put aside all other Energy Drinks, Star contains a heavenly blend of every vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte  you need to function at top form. You might not know it now, but baby, you’re a STAAAAAARR!!!!!

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Oh Snap! Strawberries n’ Apples, how do I love thee?

So much so, that your sweet nectar plays an indispensable role in my life. I make my way through the day clearheaded and energized because of your small yet potent compliment of natural caffeine. When I go for a run, my body functions at peak levels thanks to your awesome VISO Sport Mix. I want to wash the world’s ills away with your sweet, sweet goodness. Yay, VISO Snap! Yay!

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ecstacy_title copy

Ecstasy is a rare feeling in today’s world.

Knowing that the feeling of Ecstasy is out there, and occasionally attainable, makes the world go around. The hard fought pursuit of feeling ecstatic, and ultimately the feeling itself coming over you is indescribably rewarding and satisfying. What beautiful pleasures and states of being are possible from within us! Just like the drink you now hold in your hand, it’s power within waiting to course its way through your body. We named this luscious flavor Ecstasy, because we believe that you’ll want this level of heightened energy, sensation, and adventurous elation again and again!

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Orchid title

Orchids are beautiful things.

To accomplish our goal of offering beautiful beverages to our customers, we often look to the natural world for inspiration. When coming up with the flavor profile, Alex knew he wanted a crisp and tart apricot, peach, and lemon profile. Throwing in a ton of really beneficial vitamins, minerals, and 300 mg of all natural caffeine is part of Viso’s deal, so we added a little Apple juice to sweeten it up. The result is an energy drink we’re sure will make you happy, and bring tropical flavor notes and memories of paradise to mind.

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The Viso Snapback Hat

You may either purchase your swag or redeem it by sending 100 Viso caps and your completed swag redemption form to Viso Beverage Corp. PO Box 3987, Portland, OR 97208. We are constantly updating the designs of our swag items, so we will send you our latest and greatest design.

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